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Heat Control and Heat Shielding Products

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We have various grades of High Temperature Thermal Insulation Materials to

service all your Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, Marine, Motorsport, Racing

and Heavy Vehicle Transportation.

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 Our product range consists of the following: -
Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap Wraps, Exhaust Header Wrap Wraps, Spray Adhesives, Hi Temperature Hi Heat Coating Paints,
Reflective Aluminized Heat Shield Barriers, Reflective Kevlar Heat Shield Barriers, Reflective Gold Heat Shield Barriers, Sound Barriers, Protective Heat Shields Sleeves, Insultherm Heat Sleeves, Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Protectors, FireFlex Heat Sleeves, ThermaShield T6 Heat Sleeves, ThermaShield Sleeves, ThermaShield - Convoluted, ThermaShield - Flat, ThermaShield - Tube, ThermaShield - Wrap